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January 23, 2018

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Our world, woven from various threads
Some, golden and strong, till the end
Some, weary and worn, torn to shreds
A few you sew back, the rest I mend,
Spinning our world back to its stead

You had rough roads, I had walls of stone
On them, Spring, I drew, while alone
To welcome you, when you came home
Evening came, so did you
But asleep were the flowers I’d grown
For you.
Yet threads you sew back, the rest I mend,
Spinning our world back to its stead.

–  Inspired by Santanu Ghatak’s Rafu from Tumhari Sulu 





October 14, 2017

Stitched to you thus, am I, dearest

Body and soul, that the merest

Turn, away from me, you take 

Bruises mine body as my heart breaks.

From Gulzar’s O Saathi Re in Omkaara.

August 6, 2017

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Like a garland of flowers
Adorning the prince’s chest
A wish, to find mine way to yours
And there to forever rest

This burden of reserve, to lose
A desire, in your arms to fuse
To merge with your every breath
My life, dearest, I send, till death.

– An inspired and incomplete translation of Sirivennala’s Ra ra kumara from Govindu Anadarivadele

June 15, 2017


From you, as I move away
The threads from the knot we made
Wrench my heart, bidding me to stay

Sometimes sadly, sometimes gladly
I unravel them daily
To weave us into our story
Of Love, repeatedly

An inspired translation of Anvita Dutt’s ‘Sahiba‘ from Phillauri.

Let the words out

November 19, 2016


Let the words out, unobstructed by doubt.
Let the words flow. If trite, be they so.
Let the words pass, between lonely hearts.
Carving a road, to freedom’s abode
For that prisoner, trapped in their corners.

– An inspired translation of Swanand Kirkire’s Hone do batiyan from Fitoor

For just a little while

September 2, 2016

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For just a little while, come be my friend
For just a little while, forget how t’will end
For just a little while, come stand by my side
And then if you wish, as a stranger wave goodbye

A translation of M.Aziz’ s Zara si dosti from Happy Bhaag Jayegi


A bad case of Love

June 4, 2016


You’ve got a bad case of Love
A worse one I haven’t seen, by Jove!
You’ve got a really bad case of Love

A bite from this fiend makes you thirsty
Not for water but for whiskey.
Friends kicked away and God, to Hell
While you burn under your beau’s spell

You may float with clouds, light and airy
But when you fall, you’ll fall hard and heavy.
Hard and heavy, oh, so heavy.

It doesn’t spread with touch exactly
Tis the eyes you’ve to watch out for, really.
Rots the brain first after an easy fight
And plagues the heart with mush and blight

With the face of a new born babe,
This ruthless hunter searches for its prey.

– Mistranslations of Amitabh Bhattacharya’s Mohabbat buri bimari from Bombay Velvet