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January 23, 2018

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Our world, woven from various threads
Some, golden and strong, till the end
Some, weary and worn, torn to shreds
A few you sew back, the rest I mend,
Spinning our world back to its stead

You had rough roads, I had walls of stone
On them, Spring, I drew, while alone
To welcome you, when you came home
Evening came, so did you
But asleep were the flowers I’d grown
For you.
Yet threads you sew back, the rest I mend,
Spinning our world back to its stead.

–  Inspired by Santanu Ghatak’s Rafu from Tumhari Sulu 






October 24, 2017

Drip ..
Drip drip ..
Danger a thrillin’
Drop by drop, a fillin’
With a smile sweet as honey
The crease on the cheek, a lightly

– Inspired by Gulzar’s Tap Tap in Rangoon

June 15, 2017


From you, as I move away
The threads from the knot we made
Wrench my heart, bidding me to stay

Sometimes sadly, sometimes gladly
I unravel them daily
To weave us into our story
Of Love, repeatedly

An inspired translation of Anvita Dutt’s ‘Sahiba‘ from Phillauri.

January 19, 2017


If Love’s shade lies overhead
Then on heaven do your feet tread.
Come hither then, wayfarer
Let’s seek Love’s shelter together.

Like the fragrance of a flower, she
The music in Urdu’s poetry
My dusk and dawn, my night and morn
My life, my world, to Love belong

The little minx, smiling saucily
Decked in flowers, hides from me
But knows she not, does she?
That with her scent, her I will see

Someday, somewhere, I’ll stumble upon her
Like lost words in a prayer, suddenly remembered
And wear her like a charm, forever
In my heart, cherished and treasured

Like a dew drop, gliding silently
In the garden of Eden, lives she
I search, leaf by leaf in tree after tree
For a clue to find where she might be

Dazed and dizzy, bewitched by her beauty
I see her here, there and everywhere
In a new face and form each time, I swear
Her changing colours drive me crazy

Yet if Love’s shade lies overhead
Then surely on heaven, do we tread.
So search for her I will, through night and morn
Till one day to me, my Love belongs

– A translation of Gulzar’s Chal Chaiyyan in Dil se

Let the words out

November 19, 2016


Let the words out, unobstructed by doubt.
Let the words flow. If trite, be they so.
Let the words pass, between lonely hearts.
Carving a road, to freedom’s abode
For that prisoner, trapped in their corners.

– An inspired translation of Swanand Kirkire’s Hone do batiyan from Fitoor

A bad case of Love

June 4, 2016


You’ve got a bad case of Love
A worse one I haven’t seen, by Jove!
You’ve got a really bad case of Love

A bite from this fiend makes you thirsty
Not for water but for whiskey.
Friends kicked away and God, to Hell
While you burn under your beau’s spell

You may float with clouds, light and airy
But when you fall, you’ll fall hard and heavy.
Hard and heavy, oh, so heavy.

It doesn’t spread with touch exactly
Tis the eyes you’ve to watch out for, really.
Rots the brain first after an easy fight
And plagues the heart with mush and blight

With the face of a new born babe,
This ruthless hunter searches for its prey.

– Mistranslations of Amitabh Bhattacharya’s Mohabbat buri bimari from Bombay Velvet

As you are

June 1, 2016



As you are, so stay you
A little ache in my heart
That is comforting too

A breeze gentle at start
That into a gale blew
As you are, so stay you.

Soft and harsh in part
My dear, are you
Yet as you are, so stay you.

In a rage or while tranquil
Be you what you will
With fragrance, my life you fill

So change not, dearest
Come to me, instead
Just as you are, unaltered.

Drench me in your rain
Burn me in your flame
Do what you will
I’ll love you just the same

To walk on, hand in hand
On the right, together
Both can’t be

Yet give me your hand
We’ll walk on together
Left and right, right and left
Trust me

– A translation (with poetic license) of P. Joshi’s Rehna Tu in Delhi 6