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June 15, 2017

From you, as I move away
The threads from the knot we made
Wrench my heart, bidding me to stay

Sometimes sadly, sometimes gladly
I unravel them daily
To weave us into our story
Of Love, repeatedly

An inspired translation of Anvita Dutt’s ‘Sahiba‘ from Phillauri.

June 9, 2017

Adoring you from afar, shall I try to be content?
Or with a courage foreign to me,  inch closer bravely ?
Cheerfully oblivious of my heart’s torment
As by chance, you walk past, you smile at me graciously

May 27, 2017

The glances, unmet
The words, unspoken
Sting my heart and yet,
Hope, in it, awaken.

January 19, 2017


If Love’s shade lies overhead
Then on heaven do your feet tread.
Come hither then, wayfarer
Let’s seek Love’s shelter together.

Like the fragrance of a flower, she
The music in Urdu’s poetry
My dusk and dawn, my night and morn
My life, my world, to Love belong

The little minx, smiling saucily
Decked in flowers, hides from me
But knows she not, does she?
That with her scent, her I will see

Someday, somewhere, I’ll stumble upon her
Like lost words in a prayer, suddenly remembered
And wear her like a charm, forever
In my heart, cherished and treasured

Like a dew drop, gliding silently
In the garden of Eden, lives she
I search, leaf by leaf in tree after tree
For a clue to find where she might be

Dazed and dizzy, bewitched by her beauty
I see her here, there and everywhere
In a new face and form each time, I swear
Her changing colours drive me crazy

Yet if Love’s shade lies overhead
Then surely on heaven, do we tread.
So search for her I will, through night and morn
Till one day to me, my Love belongs

– A translation of Gulzar’s Chal Chaiyyan in Dil se


January 1, 2017


Raindrops instead of leaves
Left hanging on bare trees
By the drizzle unending

Raindrops of past sorrow
Clinging on to see the morrow
Raindrops left hanging
By the drizzle unending

A hotel room, a rented house
A roof of some sort, thereabouts
I wait under it, as each year dawns
To go home, as soon as it’s morn

But it’s still a rainin
The raindrops are left hanging
By the drizzle unending
As I stand, waiting
For it to stop.

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Let the words out

November 19, 2016


Let the words out, unobstructed by doubt.
Let the words flow. If trite, be they so.
Let the words pass, between lonely hearts.
Carving a road, to freedom’s abode
For that prisoner, trapped in their corners.

– An inspired translation of Swanand Kirkire’s Hone do batiyan from Fitoor

For just a little while

September 2, 2016

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For just a little while, come be my friend
For just a little while, forget how t’will end
For just a little while, come stand by my side
And then if you wish, as a stranger wave goodbye

A translation of M.Aziz’ s Zara si dosti from Happy Bhaag Jayegi