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June 2, 2018

June 2, 2018

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The rain clouds, dearest, are retreating
Leaving the notes of my song stagnating
In a mute refrain

The rain clouds, dearest, are withdrawing
Without hearing my heart’s yearning
While it cries in vain

The rain clouds, dearest, are departing
The touch of my fingers, never knowing
As they, stillness, feign.

The rain clouds, dearest, are leaving
While I continue standing
Alone in the rain.

– An inspired translation of Naveen Marar’s Ee Mazha Megham from Ohm Shanti Oshana


April 5, 2018


Every meeting of ours, dearest
With the gentlest of reserve, is laced
That I hush my blazing ardour, lest
With its brash words, it plucks, in haste
The rosebuds twining our time together


January 23, 2018

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Our world, woven from various threads
Some, golden and strong, till the end
Some, weary and worn, torn to shreds
A few you sew back, the rest I mend,
Spinning our world back to its stead

You had rough roads, I had walls of stone
On them, Spring, I drew, while alone
To welcome you, when you came home
Evening came, so did you
But asleep were the flowers I’d grown
For you.
Yet threads you sew back, the rest I mend,
Spinning our world back to its stead.

–  Inspired by Santanu Ghatak’s Rafu from Tumhari Sulu 




December 16, 2017


What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,
So they always say, do they not ?
Why is it different for me, I wonder,
In every trial that Time has brought.

Amidst fresh fears of failure
My old courage, find I, cannot
From Experience as a teacher
I seem never to learn but nought

What doesn’t kill you, should leave you stronger
Why then does it feel, I wonder
That every stinging blow from Life’s whip
Leaves but a new hole in a sinking ship



October 24, 2017

Drip ..
Drip drip ..
Danger a thrillin’
Drop by drop, a fillin’
With a smile sweet as honey
The crease on the cheek, a lightly

– Inspired by Gulzar’s Tap Tap in Rangoon


October 23, 2017

Pink, you say, luv, is a girl’s colour.
The shade of blushes and cupid’s flowers
Pink, darlin’, is nought but, remember
A brilliant red, with gentle white, tempered.

The red of thirst, of unquenched desire
A passion, feeding perpetual fire
The red of wrath, of righteous anger
Bleeding from the heart pierced by a dagger.

The red of possessive jealousy,
An owner marking her territory
The red of strength, of independence
A leader asserting her feminity.