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Bed time reading : Installment #7

October 10, 2017



Bed time reading : Installment #6

June 26, 2017


Renewed – June 25th

June 9, 2017

Adoring you from afar, shall I try to be content?
Or with a courage foreign to me,  inch closer bravely ?
Cheerfully oblivious of my heart’s torment
As by chance, you walk past, you smile at me graciously

May 27, 2017

The glances, unmet
The words, unspoken
Sting my heart and yet,
Hope, in it, awaken.

Bed time reading : Installment #5

December 10, 2016


Update (December 9th)

Possibly the last set of books this year. But since it is all from comfort zone, I do not expect them to last long.

Mahabharatha, (Book IV – Virata) 

Why :  A translation with transliteration on the side. And it is a pretty slim book that can be carried around. I’m excited!

Breathing lessons

Why : This was picked up randomly when book hopping through the library. Came back and googled and realized I had a Pulitzer prize winning novel on my hands.

Short stories are not real life

Why :  Again, a random book selection. The title sounds fun. Or at least interesting.

Twixt Land and Sea Tales

Why : Because Conrad.

40 retakes

Why : Because it is a list of slightly lesser known Hindi films with synopses. Hopefully all of them are on youtube.


Bed time reading : Installment #4

November 26, 2016


Random library book selection day. And it turned out to be a treasure trove.

Update (November 26th):

Japanese fairy tales : 

The artist and the mathematician :

Persian fairy tales : 

Bed time reading : Installment #3

November 26, 2016


Just some reading of Dame Christie’s books. I picked some titles off the rack which looked unfamiliar and lo, they all turned out to be books I hadn’t read before.

Update (November 26th):

The big four : Surprisingly, I have never read this before. Poirot gets called to South America just when Hastings surprises him with an England visit. After a mysterious person dying in Poirot’s apartment, the duo realize it is the Mysterious number four of the Big Four at work. It’s all a bit too .. amateurish though, compared to the finesse of Agatha Christie’s other novels. And there’s a strong sense of Sherlock Holmes and Watson parody running through the story, possibly intentional. Anyway .. not something I would re-read.

Ordeal by innocence : What happens when an accused in a murder case gets his star witness clearing his alibi for him long after the case has been done and dusted and the defendant .. dead in fact ? Do the living innocents have to pay the fine for the dead to get their name cleared.

Arthur Calgary returns from his south pole(?) expedition to clear Jacko Argyle’s name in the murder of his adoptive mother, though Jacko is himself dead. But this plunges the rest of the family into an ordeal, where in the usual style of Christie, every one is under suspicion and suspicious of everyone else. Arthur Calgary and the police investigate a trail gone stale while the murderer awakens, desperate. A good plot, though perhaps a little gray and not that *fun*, maybe because we don’t have a Miss Marple or a Poirot or a Mrs Oliver to head the investigating team.

I think there’s a BBC adaptation of this with Richard Armitage playing one of the characters. Should watch it sometime!

Poem : Still to be read.