Bed time reading : Installment #5


Update (December 9th)

Possibly the last set of books this year. But since it is all from comfort zone, I do not expect them to last long.

Mahabharatha, (Book IV – Virata) 

Why :  A translation with transliteration on the side. And it is a pretty slim book that can be carried around. I’m excited!

Breathing lessons

Why : This was picked up randomly when book hopping through the library. Came back and googled and realized I had a Pulitzer prize winning novel on my hands.

Short stories are not real life

Why :  Again, a random book selection. The title sounds fun. Or at least interesting.

Twixt Land and Sea Tales

Why : Because Conrad.

40 retakes

Why : Because it is a list of slightly lesser known Hindi films with synopses. Hopefully all of them are on youtube.


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