A sick day


I feel most homesick,
When I’m away from home
And sick.

A sick day many years before meant
A pat on my head for my sulks
A wet towel for my hot head
A “there-there” for my sniffles
Horlicks and hot idlis
Sometimes, even with sambhaar
Tulsi leaves brewed into kashaayams
As recommended by the knowledgeable next door neighbor
An afternoon spent reading Enid Blyton on the couch
And an evening spent sniffing the Vicks bottle
And to bed, early.
And in the morning, all wise and healthy.

A sick day now means
Dragging myself in to work
And sitting at my desk
Looking woe-begone.
First, staring at my laptop,
And then at the cold sandwich which looks
Like something the cat has brought in.
The afternoon spent sneezing
And wondering what can be done about dinner.
Then crawling back to my room
And into the bed
And eating the remains of the sandwich.
A sleepless night,
And in the morning, imbecile and drowsy.

I wonder why my entire childhood, I spent
Going on about wanting to be independent.
I take it back, I take it all back.
Can I go and be a ten year old again ?


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5 Comments on “A sick day”

  1. SB Says:

    We get what we asked for but after a long gap when our needs have changed….

  2. krithya G Says:

    I hear you! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. krithya G Says:

    That gif of siddharth is so funny!

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