In bits and pieces, as you like it – Part 1

I’ve decided to tell you, my dear, all about this play by that man Shakespeare. A young man of name Orlando is naught but this play’s hero. He’s upset with his brother, for not being treated proper. This brother, an arrogant petty man called Oliver, who’s older and not in the least wiser, would rather see him done in by Charles, the wrestler.

Meanwhile, let’s speak of more royal fights. Fredrick the younger has usurped the rights of his majesty, the Duke and banished him for good to the Forest of Arden, where he now plays Robin Hood. The female sex, however, fare much better and Celia, the new duke’s daughter loves Rosalind, the old duke’s daughter like a sister and insists that they stick, like leeches, together.

Orlando wrestles with Charles and wins the fight. And for his effort, gets banished from sight of the duke, for his father was an enemy of his imperial and imperious Majesty. But before that, he and Rosalind have a chat about this and that and that. Orlando, the poor sheep, is, with love, dumbstruck. Let’s leave it at that for now shall we, for I’ve got to get back to work.

(to be continued)

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