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What do the leaves to the branch say
In autumn, as they fall away ?

“Aye, our time has come
Though your work is but half done
Buds to bloom, fruits to ripen
And to bid them goodbye, all and one
As they leave home when their work is done.
So long and farewell, my dear
May you forever and always be of good cheer”

And when it was the branch’s turn
From the tree to be shorn
Said she to the mourning tree
“Pine not for me foolishly
For soon, others there will be
Grow tall, wise and strong
May you live a life both happy and long”

But what could the tree to the earth say
As its roots were cruelly ripped away
Tearing it asunder
Forever from its mother ?

Instead, it was the earth who whispered
“Nay, do you remember
How you peeped from the tiny seed
To look at the new born leaves
With starry eyed wonder ?
Come again, my love
To be born from my womb
If I am but still alive”

(A translation of Gulzar’s “Pathchad me jab patthe …”)

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