I really really liked Language reef’s design and its pleasant, down to earth, no nonsense approach.

An extract from the “About us” page of the site’s owners (sisters Swarna and Srivalli Pemmaraju) reads

“As the saying goes “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, when I started searching for material to teach my three year old daughter, the resources were not adequate. Either I had to buy resources from India and bring them here(while bringing books from India, we had to take in consideration the weight restrictions etc) or they were not up to the standard. Being a web developer who took time off take raise my family, I started working on this website in my free time. Soon it became my passion.” 

And it shows in the site 🙂 There’s a  Learn almost-any-Indian-language-you-can think-of component, not just Malayalam

Psst …They even have Hindi audio books (accompanied by Devanagiri scripts) of several short stories by Premchand. Should try it out sometime !

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