Day 2 : Ka – Cha



The Malayalam alphabet for क (Ka) and ज (Ja) look exactly like their Tamil counterparts. However the Malayalam alphabet for ख (Kha) looks exactly like the Tamil alphabet for व (Va) ! I hope I don’t end up confusing the two languages !

Finally, the Tamil script doesn’t have different letters for Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, preferring to use the same letter for all the sounds. So the Tamil counter-part for today’s Malayalam alphabets is the following :

Tamil Ka - Cha

There are other Tamil Na sounds whose script looks a lot like the Malayalam Na s discussed in the beginning of the post. I hope I have listed the correct equivalences here !

Personal troubles : Having a little trouble remembering झ (jha). And ए (from yesterday!)

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4 Comments on “Day 2 : Ka – Cha”

  1. krithya G Says:

    Nice! Can’t really give you any insight on Tamil alphabets 🙂 but the ‘Va’ in Malayalam looks exactly like ‘Kha’ without the loop.
    I had trouble remembering the vowel ‘Ae’ too, I now just remember it as a floating ‘2’ with its tail stuck in an inverted ‘U’
    Not sure if the same logic would help you but thought I would mention it anyway,

    • ideallaedi Says:

      Haha. I think I’m totally going to get letters mixed up. Doesn’t Cha also look a bit like Kha, especially if things are handwritten 😛

      Your tip about Ae is superb ! Many thanks 🙂

      Have you mastered the Malayalam alphabet ? How are your classes 🙂 ?

      • krithya G Says:

        I am kind of done with the basic alphabets now! I think I remember most of them. Looking into how two alphabets are written together (ligated consonants as they call it :))
        Part of my problem is I don’t know Malayalam or Tamil, so there is no guessing as I would do with telugu which happens to be my mother tongue (I almost always read only half the word and I knew what it is :))
        Since you know Tamil, once you get all the alphabets done, reading text should not be that difficult!

  2. ideallaedi Says:

    Nice ! All the best with ’em litigated consanants.

    Telugu too is on my wish list, but I thought learning Malayalam might be a little easier for me 🙂

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