Day 1 : Vowels

A-E Ai-Ah Rh

Inspired by malayalapaadavali. If I can read film titles by the end of the week in Malayalam, I think that will be a start.

(Psst .. Note the Malayalam इ and the Tamil ऐ )

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2 Comments on “Day 1 : Vowels”

  1. krithya G Says:

    That is neat! What a coincidence, I started my malayalam lessons last week too 🙂 I am good with hindi, have no tamil and very little telugu in my skill set, so it is kind of difficult to learn how to speak and write Malayalam at the same time, but I am trying 😀 This is a good idea though, I should start putting up my notes online too, I will know where to find them and may be find more people along the way who are interested / experienced.

    • ideallaedi Says:

      Haha, that is so cool. You should definitely put up your notes ! I would love to read them.

      All my (minimal) Malayalam knowledge comes from knowing colloquial Tamil and watching too many Malayalam movies with questionable subtitles (though the recent ones are quite well done). So I would love to learn Malayalam formally, and it would be nice to learn from a motivated learner 🙂

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