Love and friendship

I search not for clues
In your letters or words
Instead, I listen
As if to a song, gentle
To its music while it’s sung
And to its silence when still

I look not for a message
In your eyes or your face
Instead, I gaze
As if at a painting
Half understood and hence
So much more beautiful

I carry not with me at all times
The thought of you, like a burden
Instead I remember
You, with a smile or a tear
During lovely moments, rippling
Through memories, as they disappear

I wonder if I could love thee
In such a manner, carefree
Without the green tint of jealousy
If so, I would count myself very lucky

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4 Comments on “Love and friendship”

  1. Really Love it!!! the theme,the choice of words and the lyrics in whole 🙂

  2. krithya G Says:

    Did you write this? Its beautiful!

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