With rays stolen from the setting sun
I see little drops of water
One by one, on the ground, splatter
Into shards, each sparkling golden

The footsteps of the night I can hear
Thunderously drawing near
Is it time to leave, I wonder
Before I see the day die yonder

I set out in the pouring rain
With naught but just one simple thought
That I should see my home once again
Before, by the black net, the sun is caught

There’s not an other soul to see
On this road, dark and lonely
There’s not an other sound to hear
But the roar of flooding water

As fading twilight trembles thin
Cold and wet and drenched to the skin
I trudge the muddy path warily
Skidding on the moss slippery

“Just another mile to go
Just another minute more
You’ll be home before you know
There, isn’t that the front door ?”

I stagger in, half alive, half dead
And into the warmth of my old bed
But the chill the rain with it, brought
Has pierced its way to my heart

My hands are cold and trembling
My eyes dull and unseeing
With nothing left to do, nothing
I sit and watch the moonless night set in


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