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For flowers I asked
And a forest you grew
For water I asked
And elixir you brewed
For what should I ask
That you become mine too ?

In the jungle, my path I lost
And a way, you sent to me
In the darkness my sight I lost,
And the sun, you sent to me
What should I lose
That will send you to me ?

In the chasm, I was sinking
When to the peak, you raised me
In the floods, I was drowning
When to the shore, you brought me
Tell me, what should I do
That will somehow take me to you ?

– Translation of Vairamuthu’s Malargal Kaeten from Oh Kadhal Kanmani

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  1. madayan Says:

    Very beautiful translation this. Such a sad song though. Behag is (usually) such a happy, joyous raaga. Never heard a sad song like this in Behag before 😦

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