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Unmai kaadhal yaarendral, unnai ennai solvene
Neeyum naanum poi endraal, kaadhalai thedi kolvene

Ask me who true Love is.
And I shall say us, my love.
If you and I are but a lie
Then by my hand, Love will die


[I’s soundtrack really does have some magical moments !]

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  1. madayan Says:

    This is very nice. Heard this song multiple times but I wouldn’t have seen the magic in the words. Like Prahladan seeing Narayanan everywhere, you seem to find nuggets of poetry in the (seemingly) hackneyed, cliched, words, which are (presumably) fillers for Rahman to fill his magic in. I think you might eventually converge to a point where you will find grand poetic insights not dissimilar to Kurunthokai and Purananooru in such songs as Petta Rap and Mersalaitten 🙂

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