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Ennai thaan anbe marandhaayo ?
Marapen endre ninaithaayo ?

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  1. madayan Says:

    Very touching scene this.

  2. madayan Says:

    The scene before the song is actually beautiful. The man spends his entire life being rejected by everyone in society. Suddenly this pretty belle comes along and says that she likes him. There is this stunned expression on his face followed by a beautiful flute interlude. What words and literature cannot express, music seems to achieve. And a great song follows. 🙂

    Actually, the scene of the screenshot you have posted is very beautiful as well. He comes there to talk “shop” with the other guy and a simple “Epdi Irka” from her opens the floodgates of emotions for him.

    I am not a movie buff, having watched only a handful of movies, that too mostly Mani Ratnam’s but I think nobody “gets”(truly understands?) these love scenes like Mani Ratnam.

    • ideallaedi Says:

      It’s always pleasant to see Mani Ratnam’s leads on screen 🙂 I like his portrayal of “family life” on screen too, especially the kids. It’s amazing how kids aren’t “adhigaprasangi”s in his movies, when every other kid in every other Tamil cinema is busy being to big for his/her own boots.

      • madayan Says:

        Anjali was one of those movies which I enjoyed watching both as a little kid and also enjoyed it later as an adult. All of the kids seemed to be portrayed very nicely. There is this great review of Anjali here:

        I have this crazy theory (perhaps it is not so crazy after all). Of all Mani Ratnam movies, including Anjali, Mouna Ragam, Thalapathi, Nayakan, even Iruvar (perhaps his best movie?) I feel Alaipayuthey is his true masterpiece 🙂

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