Lovely dreams of glass I had with me, before.
They fell through Time and into pieces, broke.
To avoid the pain of letting them go
I cling to the shards which hurt me more

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3 Comments on “”

  1. madayan Says:

    Nice analogy, arrow of time, broken glass etc etc. BTW, do you write goofy poems that have nothing whatsoever to do with love 🙂

    • ideallaedi Says:

      LOL. Just to redeem self a bit, this poem is about dreams (of life), not love. Long time ago, I wrote goofy prose about nothing at all. For fun poetry, since everything and everyone pales before Ogden Nash, I stick to reading his and writing melancholy slush

      Or as Picadilly Jim would say

      “He had been perfectly right. There it was, in gold letters.
      He skimmed through the first one he came across, and shuddered. It was pure slush. It was the sort of stuff they filled up pages with in the magazines when the detective story did not run long enough. It was the sort of stuff which long-haired blighters read alone to other long-haired blighters in English suburban drawing-rooms. It was the sort of stuff which—to be brief—gave him the Willies.”

  2. madayan Says:

    Haha…..many thanks for your comment 🙂

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