I seek not shelter, just shade.
I search not for music. just harmony
I wish not for fearlessness, just fortitude
I wait not for love, just you.


I seek shade, not shelter.
I hope for harmony, not music.
I fight for fortitude, not fearlessness.
I yearn for you, not love.

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3 Comments on “Perfection”

  1. madayan Says:

    What has perfection got to do with the poem?

    • ideallaedi Says:

      I pursue not perfection, just perseverance
      Give me not sublime abstraction, just flawed reality

      [And if that’s a tongue in cheek remark, this poem has nothing to do with perfection :)]

  2. madayan Says:

    Ah I see, many thanks for the clarification. Very nice poem indeed. What to do, some madayans need Konar urai (explanation) even for these sorts of poems 🙂

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