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Pattaamboochi suttrum,
Manidhan enna mattam 
Ada innum konjam ponaal enna ? 
Vaanam thalayil thattum


Like the butterflies, we too will soar
Left behind we won’t be, not anymore
Hey, what could happen ?
If we step a little further ahead
At the most, the heavens
Might give us a gentle tap on the head


(From Indira, one beautiful movie which DD used to air almost every republic day)

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  1. madayan Says:

    This is a beautiful fragment. I never paid much attention to this song, being more drawn to Thoda Thoda Malardhadhenna and Nila Kaigirathu. It is a very interesting phenomenon this, that people are either drawn more to the lyrics or to the music. I myself am naturally more interested in the music, so the words are mere place holders, the mind tries to decode (most often unsuccessfully) the underlying Swara structure. For example, I don’t know a word of Telugu, but when I hear Nenarunchara or Chalamelara etc (Tyagaraja songs) I can “feel” the emotion (or atleast I think I get what he is trying to say) he is trying to convey through the music / raga rather than the words. On occasion, when the song has very simple lyrics, like for example, Azhage Sugama, that I actually get the meaning, even then I don’t know if it is the Sahana that does it for me or the Sahana coupled with the words. But of course, I do enjoy poetry, but it has always been “standalone” not the sort that is coupled to music.

    • ideallaedi Says:

      Ah, I used to be drawn more to the music too until very recently. But now suddenly the words sound more clearly [something clicked somewhere]

      I still find it hard to decipher and enjoy poetry on its own. The analogies and the imagery are fine, but figuring out its rhythm and feel is difficult for me. So, if it is neatly packaged in a song, I love it better 😛

      Of course, the flip side is now whenever I listen to something like Ennavale, I have to snigger and roll my eyes at some phrases instead of enjoying the music.

  2. madayan Says:

    I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy(ed) Ennavale, but now, after reading your comment, I would have to concur with you that the product of good music and bad lyrics in that song tends to infinity exponentially fast 🙂

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