Love at first sight

Two eyes, limpid and clear
A shy gaze, just as pure
Nary a bud than her lips, tender
That Poetry, enraptured, there lingers

Dark eyelashes, so long and lovely
With merry dreams peeping out playfully
Cascading curls of hair kissing her face
In the cool shade of their own soft waves

The visage of a beautiful stranger
Is yet all at once strangely familiar.
How can she be, to me, unknown
And yet be mine and mine alone ?

– A translation (with poetic license) of Rajinder Krishnan’s Do akhiyaa jhuki jhuki si from Prem Patra)

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5 Comments on “Love at first sight”

  1. madayan Says:

    Beautiful, especially the last paragraph. In reality though, sadly, love at first sight, is mostly one sided.

  2. madayan Says:

    Did you mean that love at first sight is non existent? Sadly, (although my sample size is one) I think it is existent (and rather foolish of course, but the heart doesn’t know that) In fact, I would say that the only thing Mani Ratnam got wrong is that it is not only the last bench, fail agara pasanga and pannakaara pasanga who fall in love etc etc. It is probably much more democratic and universal than that 🙂

  3. madayan Says:

    Haha… empirical fact: a guy’s odds seems to decrease exponentially in proportion to the distance from the last bench 🙂

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