"Poovaano ponnila veyilo, thenoorum ponchiri yaano”

“Poovaano ponnila veyilo, thenoorum ponchiri yaano”

Be she a flower decked in sunshine’s gold ?
Her smile drenched in sweet nectar, behold !

(Nithya Menen in Kalbil ethi in Anwar.)

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  1. krithya G Says:

    I had come across this song a couple of years back when my dance group was looking for south indian numbers. We ended up choosing “chinni chinni minitilangunna”, another Nithya Mennon song, but I really loved the pace of this song, reminded me of ‘kehna hi kya’ from Bombay. After reading your post I have a feeling that the lyrics are also as beautiful as the rhythm of the song 🙂

    • ideallaedi Says:

      By the way, have you also listened to the Tamil “Kannalane” of Kehna hai kya 🙂

      I should revisit them and see whether the lyrics/meaning are changed much in the versions !

  2. ideallaedi Says:

    Ah 🙂 I love the chinni chinni minitilangunna song from Urumi also.

    My knowledge of Malayalam is very sparse, mainly gleaned from connections with Tamil/ picked up from watching too much Malayalam cinema, but I feel that the lyrics in Malayalam cinema are naturally very poetic.

    They use beautiful analogies at the drop of every hat, so instead of a plain “you”, you are confronted with so many pretty adjectives.

    It flows just right in Malayalam somehow (the language has this cute habit of referring in a conversationto the first/second person as a third person! So it is very natural that “you” is avoided), but in a strict translation, it sounds weird.

    So I pick and choose, and when I don’t understand, I slip in what I feel :P, hopefully retaining the essence of the song.

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