The black spot

Replug. Written years ago before I become too pretentious for prose

An attempt – Tamil cinema ishtyle

The coffee mugs were finally ready, albeit one less, but they were ready. A minor war had broken out between amma and the maid regarding the little black spot on the side of a mug and the hullabaloo had ceased only when Radha threatened to walk out of the house . The offending mug had been put into the darkest corner of the kitchen closet, invisible to everyone’s eyes and the maid had a twenty rupee note pressed into her hand and something resembling peace had been restored back to the house.

‘There are only six now . What happens if they bring one more person ? What will I do , how can I serve them in different tumblers ? What’ll they think’. It took all Radha’s persuasive skills to convince her mother that no one in their right minds would turn up with a party of more than five (and so six cups would nicely suffice for them and her father). Her mother didn’t seem to be quite convinced, but left the state of affairs at that

The house had been given a thorough going over including Kamini’s personal almirah inspite of the latter’s reasonable protests that the visitors would not avail themselves of the opportunity to rummage through it. The murrukus and thatais, freshly made by paati had been safely ensconced in the airtight dabba, and hidden away safely. Both Radha and Kamini were highly enraged by this unjust behaviour of their mother , Kamini more so,because after all, it wasn’t she who was going to get .. “Kamini! Go wash your face . It’s almost time !” Where is your father !? “.

Her father, a mild man of mild manners , was at the moment trying to give directions to a seemingly mildly retarded driver over the phone . “No saar. Turn right at the corner , yes , can you see a milk booth there . What ? Yeah to the left , what? What post office ?… oh, that is twenty minutes off from my place saar”

The shocking fact that there were no coconuts in the house had been discovered only now and Kamini was immediately sent out of the house to buy,beg,borrow or steal them (but only after shaking them nicely and hearing the sound). Amma was rearranging the four chairs in all possible ways and shooting instructions at paati, who somehow was under the impression that she had been told to shred carrots and was bewilderedly searching the vegetable tray which was devoid of anything orange. Kamini returned with a dozen coconuts and in reply to her mother’s queries, announced that she was ready to break the coconuts on the visitors’ heads in order to prove that the coconuts were quite alright. This led to a squabble which was cut short by the doorbell.

A tense silence followed . Paati was literally shaking and slowly Radha’s father walked to the entrance and opened it . The people walked in.

Radha’s mother anxiously counted the number . “A lady – the mother, a gray haired man , looks kind – probably the father, a young man, 25ish – oho (a glare at kamini who was nudging radha), another gray haired man escorting an old lady,the grandmother perhaps. Good god , are there more ? ..”  No one else stepped in . All was well.

In the kitchen, Radha was loaded with advice and a tray with six mugs full of coffee and after a nearly disastrous trip over her saree , succesfully served the beverage to the five visitors and her father. Her mother beamed with pleasure . The door bell rang

A personable young man was at the door

‘Ah, here he is! ‘ – this from one of the gray haired men

Smiling apologetically , the young man looked at the assembled crowd , said ‘I’m sorry, I got slightly delayed’.

‘This is the boy’ said the other gray haired man, patting him proudly.

There was a swishing sound . That was Radha’s mother having a dizzy spell.

In hushed silence, the ladies went into the kitchen and got out the hidden mug and under the mortified gaze of Radha’s mother, the groom was served coffee in the coffee mug with a black spot

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2 Comments on “The black spot”

  1. madayan Says:

    Perfect. This kind of stuff is ideal, lady 🙂

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