The end of the road

I buried them deep, my fear and self-doubt
That they were still alive, no one could make out
I hid them well, the strain and the stress
Both from myself and from everyone else

Though it was black, I still believed in light
And armed with Hope, I faced the night
After all, sooner or later
It simply had to come together.

The pleasures of travel I lost halfway through
And sometime later Hope deserted me too
I still ploughed on, too proud to concede defeat
Despite my faltering fatigued feet

But today I have no pride left to spare
To veil my overpowering weakness
With the mask of shadowy strength
And to pretend as if all were well

The tears that for so long I fought back
Find their freedom with a fury
Acrid with angst, raging in agony
They sting my face with unceasing wrath

All is not right with this world
And all is not right with me
It took me a while to realize
That this is how ’tis going to be

It is too late to begin again
It is too early to call it the end
Eyes weary with sleep, I trudge along
Waiting .. waiting .. for journey’s end


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5 Comments on “The end of the road”

  1. madayan Says:

    Nice poem. Is the intersection of the purely fictional bits and bits corresponding to real life nonempty? Do you write happy poetry, rollicking nonsense, along the lines of Ogden Nash, verse in a Wodehousian sense etc;

    • ideallaedi Says:

      😀 Thanks for dropping by ! Writing poetry is my form of making mountains out of molehills, an exaggerated representation of events that make an impact on me (so real-life/ books/ movies/ hearsay). They tend to be mostly maudlin for it requires great talent to write funny poetry.

      Rollicking nonsense I spout in prose (like short stories/serials which have no point/theme) when I am not glowering at everyone or when I have read too much Wodehouse/listened to too much Crazy Mohan. Maybe I should make them public ? The only one up on this blog is a translation (with bits added on by yours truly) of a short story of Sujatha

  2. madayan Says:

    Thank you for your reply. I see, I didn’t know that maudlin poetry was much easier to write than nonsense. Do make your “crazy” writings public. The cardinality of your “visiri” set (for the absolutely nonsensical stuff; the maudlin stuff can get to us after a point) is atleast one 🙂

  3. Very depressing dude -.-

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