Aval appadithaan



“Yerinthu pona veedu, mudinthu pona uravugal, kalainthu pona kanavugal, sumakka mudiyaatha sogangal. Meendum oru murai Manju iranthu ponal. Intha saavai sagitthu kolla Manju vaal thaanga mudiyavillai. Aval pirappal irappal; irappal pirappal…..Aval appadithaan.”

As she outwardly grows more drearily cynical, the romantic inside her grows more naive and trusting. Till she believes unwaveringly in a supreme all encompassing happiness and ideal love. So firm is her faith in this perfection that she becomes mistrustful of anything that aspires to take its place even slightly. Her heart is torn apart by the relentless yearning to trust, love and be loved on the one hand and the temptation of oblivion which is attained only by resigned detachment on the other. She dies daily when she rejects the world and its double crossing, deceitful ways, she is reborn daily as she embraces love in her sublime form. This was how it was, this is how it is and this is how it’s going to be. This is her.

RIP Rudraiyah. Thank you for giving us Aval Appadithaan, the perfect film.

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