Recognizing Gulzar

I was watching Bimal Roy’s Prem Patra (1962), a beautiful movie which I thought had songs penned by Rajinder Krishnan. Then I came across this song in it. (And what wonderful music by Salil Choudhary)


It is a stormy night and the coconut trees rustle in the wind.




The blind man, lost in his thoughts, finds these words on his lips.

Saawaan ki raaton mein, aisaa bhi hotaa hai
raahi koi bhoola hua, toofaanon mein khoyaa hua
raah pe aa jaata hai




And his companion smiling at the beauty of these lines impulsively sings them in a lilting melody.




And he continues their dialogue in poetry, in a beautiful jumble of senses.

Teri nazar se isse dekh loon main
dil se mere tum ye mehsoos kar lo




There is an eerie feeling of hearing the voice of your favourite poet when the heroine sings

Haara hua tha andheron ka raahi,
manzil se pehle hi, neend aa rahi thi





And the poet’s reply is proof enough that the man behind the screen has to be Gulzar !

Tum noor lekar chale aaye warnaa
mere charaagon se lau jaa rahi thi




And they end in a mellifluous duet

Tere liye jeete hain hum, dil jantaa hai
Saawaan ki raaton mein, aisaa bhi hotaa hai 





Might I take you to another conversation in song , a decade later in Aandhi ?image


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