My favourite rain song

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Here come the clouds, with rain hidden in the folds of their clothes. Leaves rustle and birds trill. The time when the heart floats without a care in the waves of joy. But before that, the young housewife must race against the dark clouds. Clothes pegged to dry in the sun must be folded, red chillies left to be roasted must be rescued from the rain. Beds and spreads from the night before must be secured safely against the dampness. Meanwhile the rumbles of the clouds resound from each and every street and the mischievous fairies of Fall seem ready to unleash their handiwork on to the world. As she runs around completing her chores, she remembers her childhood which was not so very long ago and the golden moments spent joyously with her playmates who are now scattered across the world. The chores are done just in the nick of time, and the first drops of rain hit the earth. Having stowed everything else safely away, she is now free to drench herself in the colours of rain. Free to break into a dance in tune to her heart’s song.

I love this song for too many reasons.  I love it for being the first song I’ve seen pictured on a married woman in Hindi cinema which doesn’t completely revolve around her husband/his family/his children etc. It shows us beautifully the child’s playfulness peeping from beneath the woman’s responsibilities. I love it for Lata’s innocent voice which matches Nanda’s equally innocent face. I love it for capturing the emotions which the cry of “Rain!” still evokes in me. Rushing out to bring in the clothes, the most obvious and mundane reaction which transforms into sheer poetry once in the presence of rain.


Jhuk jhuk jhoom ghata chayi re from Char Diwari


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2 Comments on “My favourite rain song”

  1. krithya G Says:

    The song is beautiful but your description in the first paragraph is what I loved more than the song. Brought back beautiful memories… 🙂

    • ideallaedi Says:

      🙂 Something inherently Indian I guess. I miss the rows of colorful clothes and even more colourful pegs in this era of washing machines and automatic dryers.

      But why I like the song so much is because of the depiction of the song on screen also. If you look closely enough, you can even see the chillies/pappads left out to dry in the terrace. Little details but a big impact !

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