First poem in French !

This semester, I am taking a French course and today we read the following poem by Jacques Prévert


Une orange sur la table,
Ta robe sur le tapis
Et toi dans mon lit
Doux présent du présent
Fraîcheur de la nuit
Chaleur de ma vie

And a homework assignment was to compose a poem modelled after this one about our rooms. Here’s my attempt. I am rather proud of it 😛 But we’ll have to see what the professor thinks about it.

On t’attend

Une chaise, vide et verte
Une porte, blanche et ouverte
Dans mon placard, une place
Dans mon coeur, un espace
Mon amour, on t’attend
Dis-moi, viens tu quand ?

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2 Comments on “First poem in French !”

  1. krithya G Says:

    Translation please, what did the professor think about it?

  2. ideallaedi Says:

    @krithya : The Alicante poem translates to

    “An orange on the table,
    Your robe on my carpet
    You in my bed
    Sweet present of the present
    The chill of the night
    The warmth of my life”

    My er.. poem translates to

    “A chair, green and empty
    A door, white and open
    In my closet, a space
    In my heart, a place
    For you my love, we all wait
    Tell me, when will you come ?”

    I was very happy because I managed to rhyme in French considering my negligible vocabulary. Sadly, the professor did not grade this HW, so I have no idea how bad it actually is 😛

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