Bobby Jasoos

Bobby Jasoos

OK, can someone tell me why the media gave it such lukewarm reviews ? I loved the movie, I loved Bobby and I love Vidya. This is a story about Bilkis who goes by the name of Bobby instead, the eldest of the daughters of a Muslim family in Hyderabad, a feisty and rather fearless unmarried woman in her thirties who wants to be a big shot detective in her colony. Supriya Pathak plays her delightful mother (what a characterization, and what a performance) and Tanzi Azmi, her equally fearless, slightly sharp tounged aunt who plays matchmaker for the twenty year olds in their neighborhood. Bobby has two faithful sidekicks and resolves the   petty problems of the people around her, including helping Tasawur, an upcoming TV personality who wants to escape the suffocating reach of this neighborhood, cancel his marriage proposals. Life changes dramatically when a mysterious Mr Khan hires her to find a girl named Nilofer with a distinguishing birthmark on her hand and keeps the strange requests and money coming.

The tone of the whole movie reminded me of the No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series by Alexander Mc-call Smith. Just delightful. Bobby starts off from wild random schemes which include dressing up in hideous costumes and gradually starts using her brains and coming up with better plausible methods. In the meantime she also manages to get herself engaged to Tasawur which horrifies both the parties [A long story there, but simply hilarious] What a performance by Ali Faizal here, and what a neat sketch of the character by the writers. For a completely confused young man, the character could not be more sound on basic principles.

It is clearly not the best detective story out there, and neither is it meant to be. It is clearly one amazing peep into a woman’s not so conventional dreams and into biriyanis of Hyderabad.


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One Comment on “Bobby Jasoos”

  1. krithya G Says:

    “I loved the movie, I loved Bobby and I love Vidya.” Roger that!

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