Review: The Crime Wave At Blandings

The Crime Wave At Blandings
The Crime Wave At Blandings by P.G. Wodehouse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It all starts with the air-gun of George, Lord Emsworth’s worthy grandson. Wodehouse examines the impact it has on the inhabitants of Blandlings castle and the psychological impulses of the dormant criminal hiding in all of us. When presented with a loaded air-gun and in the view of a person bending over a flower pot (most of the time, it’s Baxter, the efficient ex-secretary of Lord Emsworth who last left Blandlings after breaking flower pots in a manic manner), who is weak enough to give in to the moment and take a shot ?

Followed by that, we have a story worthy of the 1940s Hollywood silver of a young personable British nobleman and a landlord, a smart beautiful American and unsentimental doctor who says “Say aah” to lovesick swains swooning over her, a platinum blonde who is presently Mrs Higginbothams.

And then we have some of the tales of young men in spats, of how Pongo-Twistleton-Twistleton and Barmy-Fotheringay-Phipps nearly became enemies and how in the end, they realized their folly and sealed their friendship with a superb show where Barmy had a red beard and Pongo, a green one. And mnay others.. A gem of a book !

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