Someone’s a coming

Wretched heart ! Do beat not so loudly
I think I hear someone a coming
Your thumps will give me away easily
Shh.. I tell you, someone’s a coming

Can’t you hear his quick step on the stair ?
Or smell his pipe’s tobacco in the air ?
Pray let me dress. I need to get ready
And keep still ! Someone’s a coming, surely

I can almost feel his shadow on me
Whilst the harp heralds an approaching melody
There’s no need to sing “Someone’s a coming”
As if I cannot see that already.

Oh ! I am really quite angry
And this time I’ll fight with him properly.
But I know you traitor ! From bottom to brim.
You’ll make me relent with just a word from him

A (slightly) inspired translation of Kaifi Azmi’s Dheere dheere machal from Anupama.


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