Review: Third Girl

Third Girl
Third Girl by Agatha Christie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I borrowed it and after a couple of pages, realized a) I had read it before and b) I remembered the plot quite clearly, except for who the murderer at the end was. So that’s when I thought I’d be more systematic about updating my book list here, so that atleast I get to choose the books I want to re-read.

It follows Hercule Poirot and Mrs Ariadne Oliver (complete with her false curls of hair which come off now and then) playing the not very efficient bloodhound on the trail of Norma Restarick, a girl who *thinks* she might have committed a murder and who dares call Poirot “old” to his face.

It has a running commentary from various people about “girls these days” which after exciting your immediate annoyance, tends to be quite hilarious. On the whole, an OK who-dun-it.

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