A conversation with Love

“To what do I owe this visit ?” said I to Love haughtily
“A player in yet an other of your games, I won’t be”

‘Come my dear, that’s hardly fair’, said she in an injured tone
‘Though well-meant, sometimes things go wrong through no fault of my own

‘Next time around it will be perfect, just you wait and see
For I have got it all worked out, neat and tidy and glitch-free’

“Please” said I, “more of this persiflage I really can’t bear”
“The grapes have soured and I don’t think I anymore care”

Said Love sadly ‘Then I think it is time for us to part’
‘For I can only show myself to those who are young at heart’

“Will we never meet again ? ” I asked Love tearfully
For I loved her, though it had brought me much misery

‘My dear’ said Love gently, ‘around you I will always be’
‘It is just that you will never be able to recognize me’

‘Unless you want to’ ..
‘Unless you want to’ ..

And Love vanished leaving her words to ring inside my head
As I prepared myself to sleep the painless sleep of the dead

Like Sleeping Beauty, perhaps I will awaken years later
But the kiss of life and love, I myself should administer

For Prince Charming is an unstable crutch and maybe a myth
But who needs him for support when Love, you could live with

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4 Comments on “A conversation with Love”

  1. madayan Says:

    What a beautiful post, and by extension, a blog this is.

  2. madayan Says:

    Sure, will do. This blog is a stirring counterexample to all kinds of idealized (!) tropes about mathematicians 🙂

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