Review: Summer Moonshine

Summer Moonshine
Summer Moonshine by P.G. Wodehouse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(er.. spoilers ahead)

Jane has her hands full, what with talking to publishers who add extra expenses to her father Sir Buckstone (alias Buck)’s book about tigers NOT in Africa, listening to stories of Poona from Colonel Tanner, and putting her fiancee Adrian Peake’s mind to rest about rats in a houseboat he is inhabiting. And on top, she is pursued by a determined young man Joe who either wants to propose to her or read her notices of his successful play, unless he is occupied by drawing moustaches on statues of Caesar and others. It is quite a tight fit at Walsingford with process servers (aka the damned bullpit), Buck and his hunting crop, and the unfortunate love affair that once was between Ms Whittaker and Tubby which blew up after a trivial argument about “tomartoes and tomaytoes”. But as Lady Abbot alias Toots always remarks ” Everything’s going to be alright I suppose”

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