The reluctant traveller

The quiet peaks of white that stand beyond the lake
I see them every morning as soon as I wake
Serene yet mysterious, a land distant by far
To be reached under the steam of idle thoughts that are

The mountains are so wreathed under the curtains of clouds
That even mighty Sun cannot pierce their misty shrouds
As he makes his journey across the vast blue waters
I watch, as peak after peak hazily disappears

A storm of flares rises in the air as the night falls
And the heavens open their doors in tune to thunder’s calls
Under the dark skies suddenly galvanized by lightning
I see, now so close to me, the mountains that were hiding

A glimpse of magic caught in the darkness of the night
Has melted the distance visible before in daylight
The comforts of familiarity lie forgotten
As the traveller in me chooses to awaken

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