Lyon promenades

The lake at Parc de la tete d’Or

Whilst the wind gently caresses the lake making it ripple, a deliciously low branch of a tree on its boundary dips to kiss the waters. A line of swans, whitest among white, form a lovely necklace carelessly thrown by the gods, to ornament it. Borrowing an intoxicating bottle-green hue from the leaves of the protective trees around it, turning golden under the showers of sunshine when the sun peeps from amongst the clouds hiding it, maybe this is the legendary treasure of the park.

The Rhone at night

Like a shining ribbon running through a city, sometimes golden and sometimes silvery. Reflecting monuments of yore and buildings new, has this painter divine managed to capture Time on its canvas of water ?

Naan in Lyon

I passed by a food-cart serving Indian-Pakistani meals which make naans from scratch in front of the customer’s eyes. The two gentle people cooking on it gave me a lovely meal which was on the -h-o-u-s-e-  cart. Sometimes it is on another continent that you realize where you come from.

Institut Lumiere 

Saw the films which were played on December 28, 1895 by the Lumieres,  in a mini-model of the Salon Indien du Grand Cafe here. And the early colour photographs .. which were beautiful.


autochrome-femme-avec-ombrelle vers-1920-around-1920

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