Fly away home

Little bird, little bird, why do you look so sad ?
I’m far away from home, it said, and I feel bad.
Little bird, little bird, then why don’t you fly back ?
I’m waiting for strength, it said, that my small wings lack.

Little bird, little bird, why are you still here ?
Can’t you fly away, for big and strong you appear.
A nest I have to build before that, it said sadly
And then I will be on my way and very gladly.

Little bird, little bird, so many years have passed.
I thought you would have gone back home at long last.
T’was too late when I did return, for gone was my past.
Now a stranger there and here, this is the fate I’ve amassed.

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2 Comments on “Fly away home”

  1. krithya G Says:

    Did you write this one? Story of most if not all expats šŸ˜¦

  2. ideallaedi Says:

    @krithya Yes. I think all the pent-up feelings came out in words !

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