A (rather shaky but nevertheless very enjoyable) recording of a live programme :

A very clear version

[And you can immediately see why the first one is so much better than the second one despite the poor quality of the video. The power of a loving audience over an artist is immense. The laughter of the audience, the claps, and sometimes even the silence, each and every action is an interaction ! And also in the first clip, there’s a small child in the background who clearly has no clue what is going on at the poetry reading , which is exactly what is happening in the poem also !]

This is Gulzar’s Hindi translation of a poem of Tagore where he looks at himself, through the eyes of a child. The child is having a chat with his mother about his father who is perennially writing.

“Baba sits and writes books all day, but I don’t understand anything of what he writes. He was reading his book aloud to you that day, Ma, .. tell me honestly, did you follow anything ?”

“How many nice nice stories you tell me, why doesn’t Baba write something like that ? Did grandma not tell Baba any stories about fairies ? Or has Baba forgotten all of them ?”

He also wonders how his father can be allowed to just keep playing “writer-writer” whilst his poor mother has to cook food, take care of the house and her absent-minded husband.

“Whenever I go to Baba’s room to play, you scold me ! Even if I make a little noise, you tell me “Can’t you see your father sitting and writing ?”. Tell me, Ma, really, what will happen by writing ?”

“When I write A B C D with a pen on Baba’s papers, you get angry with me. But if Baba does the same thing, you don’t say a word !”

“How many lined sheets of paper Baba ruins each day ? But if I take just one to write my name on it  make a boat, you tell me that paper should not be wasted. Isn’t paper wasted by writing and writing on it ?”

How can a poem flow so delightfully ? How can a man with a beard that long know a child’s mind this well ? Why am I discovering such gems only now ?


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