I am not very sure about why the film is titled so, is the director referring to the two wheeled vehicle which indeed does appear on screen often or a chain or loop of events, all linked together . In any case, Cycle is a very well made film with an engrossing plot, and neat performances by the cast.

The film starts off with Murali, as a paavam Malayalee getting into Kaustubhan’s (played by Jagathy Sreekumar) taxi in Mumbai with too much naivety and money to buy an estate. The money subsequently changes hands due to fate and treachery, kicking off the main cycle in the film.

Directed by John Antony (who later directed the Prithviraj Sasikumar starrer, Masters, which was also quite decent), the film shifts many years down the line introducing us to Vineeth Sreenivasan as Roy, a finance bank clerk and Vinu Mohan as Sanju, a salesman in a showroom of household appliances. Roy wants to take off to Gulf (as does every other person portrayed in Malayalam cinema apparently) and spends his time trying to chat up the pretty Bhama at the visa office opposite his bank. He has two sisters in the marriageable age bracket, a drunkard uncle and a widowed mother and very little money. Sanju is a talented cricketer miffed that he was not selected for the team despite playing so well, the eldest son in an impoverished family with two younger siblings and an aged father.

Kaustubhan is in fact the highly prosperous and still scheming owner of the finance bank and the boss of Roy. He has a daughter, Sandhya, who has fallen head over heels in love with Sanju and takes to teasing him and following him every now and then.

Life goes on without too much drama, until circumstances accumulate forcing our two heroes into desperation and in need of quick money. Which is when they decide, on New year’s eve, to relieve Kaustubhan of his excess black money. In a very believable sequence of events which are also highly exciting, they manage to accomplish this goal and find themselves with a couple of crores of rupees. The film moves with a good pace, never slowing down or deviating too tangentially from the plot line. Coincidences that occur are very believable and old faces are reintroduced and things fall into a very satisfying cycle. We the viewers in fact get an early glimpses of this loop in the beginning of the movie when Kaustubhan runs  a young motor cyclist down, and a bit later, in a turn of  events, his own daughter hands over money which ultimately ends up paying for the costs of the accident.

The sub-villains played by Cochin Haneefa, the bumbling and evil politician and Sasikumar, the astute DSP move the plot forward and are rather effective and not deterring irritants. Kudos ! The movie ends with Murali’s son getting into Kaustubhan’s (who’s back to square one now) taxi in Mumbai with a suitcase full of money to buy the estate his father had failed to.

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