Yes. That movie. With the notorious Dreamum Wakeupum song which (rightfully) earned (or should have) the wrath of the south. But I loved the movie !

Having zero expectations, I sat down to watch it simply because I had exhausted all other Prithviraj movies. And it was a liberating experience, from the start to the end. A movie with the lady stalking the man, a female  comedian making lewd jokes about a macho hero, the random flights of fantasy of the goggled heroine into cinematic deserted streets and that garbage truck ! And that song featuring a tummied heroine doing a belly dance and a six pack item boy hero, is it the voice of the ladies out here who are tired of seeing old men with a paunch dance around twenty year old models ?

Apart from a truly likeable female character (for the first time, I loved a Rani Mukhurjee film), it also features Prithviraj as a strong and really really silent man, who speaks seldom and that too in Tamil for about three fourths of the movie. It also has a sweet but not sad, funny but not hot, likeable but not loveable guy playing the groom (or the man who gets ditched at the end) and a Deepti Naval and Farooq Sheikh nostalgiac mini song.

Generally movies like these which seem to made to prove a point or two tend to be irritating, but surprisingly, Aiyya wasn’t. And being a Prithviraj fan, I was in total sympathy with Rani stalking him and even her terrible tamil accent, which also got better as the movie progressed. And it ends pleasantly and sweetly and even sincerely, with an I love you in Tamil, ha !

Aside from calling a Chiranjeevi and Silk Smitha gaana a midnight tamil masala song, and a few too many shots of posters of John Abhraham and his backside, a very cute movie !

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