Convergent evolution ?

Vishaka (Sonali Kulkarni) is an aggressive girl, while her good friend Smita is timid. Whenever Smita is in trouble, Vishaka helps her out. Once, while they are talking over the phone, they get a cross connection where Anand (Akash Anand) also starts talking to them. Something makes Smita divulge Vishaka s phone number to him. Thus begin regular telephonic conversations between Vishaka and Anand, and one day they agree to meet. As she is nervous, Vishaka asks Smita to impersonate her, and Anand asks Uday (Anoop Soni) to do the same for him. Uday and Smita vibe well instantly. But how are Vishaka and Anand going to react when they realise that their friend is in love with the person they were interested in?


Sounds familiar ? Well, it is the story line of a Rishtey episode starring Sonali Kulkarni and others. It is also the story line of Salt N’ Pepper, a sleeper Malayalam hit of 2011. A really well-made movie at that.


Is this convergent evolution at work or do TV-serials have a host of unexplored stories of cinematic potential ?

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