Whose voice is that – Avvai Shanmugi

It is a herculean task to find out who has dubbed for whom in our favourite tamil movies. Wikipedia ignores this issue and you have to patiently sit through the titles at the end to catch a glimpse of the names of these artistes. So from now on, I shall make it a point to name names.


Avvai Shanmugi

We have Uma Bharani dubbing for Meena. Remember Bhagyaraj’s numerous sisters in Dhaavani Kanavugal ? She’s the second one from the right.

Uma Bharani

Uma Bharani

And we have Savitha Reddy dubbing for Heera. The same one who has dubbed for too many of the later heroines from Simran, Jyotika to the present Hamsika. Here’s an interview of hers. And a clip from Jeans. Yes, sirs and madams, that is Savitha speaking for Aishwarya Rai too.

Savitha Reddy

Savitha Reddy

But who is Ratnakumar ? Is he perhaps Ghantasala Ratnakumar ? Whom has he dubbed for in this movie ?

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