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Don’t watch. Seems to be the director’s version of  Rat Race minus the comedy. No logic, no continuity. Would directors of thrillers/action padams learn that simply playing dramatic music will not a slick movie make. Also the villains are extremely irritating. Manoj Bajpai, why exactly is this your Kollywood debut?

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

I really liked the movie, but apparently the critics and the elite public didn’t. Deepika plays a sincere medical student Naina who longs for an exciting holiday and ends up going on a trek with Kabhir (Ranbhir) and his best friends Aditi and Avi, played by Kalki and Aditya Kapur (this chap’s cute! He’s the apprentice in Guzaarish) and falling in love with Ranbhir. Our man wants to take off and see the world and thinks marriage is a drag, and the lead pair parts without declaring their love or making a fuss, cherishing the memories they made on the trip . The unrequited love story between Kalki and Aditya is simply superb, and these two actors are brilliant. Years pass, everyone’s grown older and some have grown wiser. The four friends reunite at Aditi’s wedding to Tarun (Kunaal who’s Aditya’s brother in real life). The bitter-sweet scenes between Kabhir and Avi make this movie. You see, generally the lovers’ estrangement and reunion is what drives the story, for me it is the friends’ interaction which does the job. The heroine is very sensible and down-to-earth and a treat to watch, no histrionics. Kabhir discovers that he is in love with Naina, who doesn’t want to share his lifestyle of roaming around the world. So the film tries to resolve the big question of whether to stay or leave elegantly. The wedding scenes are a  treat to watch, especially the ones featuring Aditya and Kalki, and the ending is very moving, especially Avi’s cheer as his bar shuts down.

Business Man

A Mahesh Babu movie. Our man, Surya, comes to Mum (the bai s have been eradicated. Sorry, couldn’t resist), a mafia free city after  a long time. His aim is to become Surya Bhai, the one who gets a commission in any trade deal that happens anywhere in the country. He also wants to make the police commissioner’s daughter fall in love with him, we are not sure why exactly … Well, we are not sure about anything in this movie.

A lot of dramatic music is played, the hero is seen marching with his gang here and there, people are bashed up, there’s a crooked politician whom he helps and is helped by, the heroine falls in and out of love with him, the commissioner dies, and finally we are told the flash-back which introduces the villain [Till then, it is not clear who the bad guy is. The hero seems a very good candidate for the villian till this point] The hero’s parents were stabbed in the back [literally] by the villain who has become a wily politician at the center. The rest of the movie is routine from now on, heroine is kidnapped by the villain, hero saves her, kills  him and installs his crooked politician as the prime minister and lives happily with his bride.

The novel idea of this movie is that if you pay the goons and the bad-elements of the society a salary, then automatically the crime rate will drop. The appropriate tag would be #WhatisthisIdon’teven . The main thing I look for in a Mahesh Babu film is his deadpan humour, which is missing here, since he’s playing the angry young man who’s turned into a villainish hero. Very sad.

Seethama Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

This seems to be the Telugu take on Aanandham,   except that you only have two brothers, Peddhodu aka The Elder and Chinnodu aka The Younger. Peddhodu doesn’t and cannot indulge in friendly banter, loses his temper and job easily and gets very angry if he’s hungry. In short, he is the ten year old boy who didn’t grow up as time passed him by. Chinnodu is a charmer, a modern day Krishna (pun intended. Mahesh Babu is the son of Krishna. geddit ?)  with girls falling for him left and right. He’s also jobless, which doesn’t cause that much worry to his mother as his elder brother’s unemployment. Their father, Prakash Raj is the modern saint, a person who embodies all the three Chinese monkeys. He cannot see/speak/hear evil. Jayasudha is their (still pretty!) loving and slightly sensible mother and they have a grandmother whom Chinnodu affectionately threatens to bite every now and then. There’s Seetha, (played beautifully by Anjali), who is the glue of the house and the intended bride of Peddhodu, a wicked family in Vijayawada which houses the second heroine, Geetha (Samantha) who has little to do except fall for Chinnodu. The film depicts the little misunderstandings and the great love between the brothers, the triumph of a good heart over wealth, and the importance of a loving family in society (at-least that is what the director tells us) and everything is resolved after a shocking incident (involving transformers and wires) at a temple festival.

One hilarious scene is when Chinnodu (who has had a big fight with Peddhodu) goes job-hunting. He is sitting in-front of the panel, when one of the interviewers tells him “Your qualifications are great, but there’s something missing. Your smile is not real. How will you be a team leader when you can’t even smile” and then this leads to Chinnodu trying to smile and failing and walking off in a huff. Yes, I am serious.

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