David (tamil version)

OK, I have one major rant. When you make a beautiful movie and call it a bilingual, will you please reshoot it and not dub the scenes ! Otherwise, release the movie in Hindi and give subtitles. That said, David is style on screen.

We have two tracks running side by side meeting at the end, which are depicted without jarring the viewer.Vikram is a David in Goa in 2010, a man whose wife, at his wedding, deserted him for her lover. He is a generally aimable drunkard, and drifts aimlessly in the Goan sun, sometimes taunted and sometimes feared by his neighbours, with a staunch friend who runs a frequently raided massage parlour. Tabu in an amazing role ! That husband with the kid in the background is too good for words. His friend is getting married to a deaf and mute girl, with whom David falls in love. The rest of his story is about his dilemma between loyalty, morality and love, which he debates with his dead father who appears in various forms to mock  and advise him. This is humour at its best. Simple, effective and not crude, even though the hero is perpetually surrounded by beer bottles.  But it is painfully obvious that this segment has been dubbed over. Even Vikram does not lip sync. Why, why, why, when you have such brilliant actors like Tabu and Vikram and when Isha Sharvani plays a mute girl who does not have dialogues, would you not take this effort !!!!

It is rather pleasantly surprising that Vikram’s track is the humourous one whereas Jiiva’s is the more serious and action packed storyline. Jiiva is a David in Mumbai in 1999, a young guitarist waiting for his break, tutoring little kids whose parents want them to become stars after a single class, saddled with a hopelessly impractical, soft-hearted, gentleman of a father, Noel (Nasser), who is a Christian priest. He is the middle son, with two sisters, who are a delight to watch on screen. The night chat between brother and sister smoking a cigarette is classy. The whole set up is so natural and delightfully convincing, and Jiiva fits the bill perfectly. Trouble starts when fundamentalist elements rack up a ruckus and beat up Noel for a cooked up reason, destroying the peace of the family and Noel’s mind. David is haunted by the question “Why?” and he seeks an answer. The rest of his story is about how he comes to terms with this appalling incident. Nasser’s performance requires a special cheer, what a seasoned actor ! There is also a beautiful intertwined sequence with Lara Dutta playing a recently widowed mother whose son learns to play guitar from David. Again, very natural depictions. Thankfully Jiiva’s sequence is shot only in Tamil, so the lip syncing is quite decent.

This is one movie which should be watched on the big screen, a picturesque musical with brilliant acting.

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