On my own

The song that haunted me the most from Les Miserables wasn’t Hathway’s “I dreamed a dream” but the one featuring Samantha Barks

On my own : Watch this clip as she makes believes her love is near. [Unfortunately it is not a complete clip]

On my own :  Though it is a trailer, it shows you Barks when she realizes she is just pretending.

A wonderful actress !

Why does unrequited love bring it with such melancholy ? That feeling of utter despair which to others, and even on hindsight seems laughable ? As Persepolis quotes in Persepolis : “I had lived through a revolution that had cost me part of my family. I had survived a war. But a banal love story had almost killed me.” And surely, even a happy ending cannot be worth this much distress ? To quote Elizabeth Bennet [or rather Jane Austen] “At that instant, she felt that years of happiness could not make Jane or herself amends for moments of such painful confusion.”







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