It’s about two couples, it’s telugu cinema, so there’s bound to be ridiculous circumstances forcing them to swap partners, and so it is. Kajal Aggarwal is the daughter of an er .. Ayurvedic practitioner, a do-gooder, a messenger of Indian culture with a lot of faarin disciples and a lot of money. So, you have to sit through dialogues like “Can you imagine life without zeroes ? That’s India for you” [this was the most tolerable of them]. She’s just back from college, and we are told that she also has a rather loud cousin, [Ms Menon], and are subjected to a song which features  a lungi/saree fashion parade of the disciples.

Ennyway, the doting father realizes that his daughter is twenty, marriageable age and everything, and starts hunting for grooms. He rejects everyone for one reason or the other, until he zeroes in on our hero, who’s total son-in-law material, although  born as a son of a wastrel. They arrange a “see the bride” ceremony, and we get to see how sensitive our man is when he realizes that the bride is rather fidgety,  and shyly tells her father to take his daughter inside because she seems uncomfortable. This leads to loud cheers, and the camera zooms in on the heroine to show us her very pensive face.

After a song, and some mindless comedy, the heroine pays our hero a visit at night. And no, no song, but a flashback. Enter Navdeep, cat eyed youngster and an upcoming mindless, jovial and careless TV reporter who scares Kajal out of her wits for a stupid TV show [People, this is rather believable and almost true to life] Heroine shows a lot of spunk and files FIR and puts our man behind bars and everything. And for some reason, love blossoms [You have to hand it to Navdeep. He does light up the screen despite some rather terrible screenplay here] And then, one fateful night, after drinking too much tequila [no, not Navdeep! The heroine !] , the heroine wakes up to find herself  in a bed and Navdeep just getting dressed.

“When’re we getting married ?” she demands, and Navdeep tells her to “chill” in a rather oily voice and and some more cringeworthy stuff. Heroine cries, then storms out vowing to never see this heel again and goes back to her village to try and forget this regrettable incident.

Since hero is sensitive soul and made of pure gold, she feels obliged to tell him about her past. And also that she’s not ready for marriage yet. Golden hero gets drunk, and after some mindless mutterings, rides his scooter, dashes against a lorry, falls into a haystack and pretends to have broken his leg. Why ? To postpone the marriage [a gentleman through and through]

He also goes to the city to find this wastrel. He does find him, and both of them fight with gusto. And then, twist in the tale. Navdeep is not evil and all, he’s still in lou, and very much wants to marry Kajal. He was just joking about the “Chill babe, marriage is for losers’ , it seems. And before he could explain it all, too many things happened, which can only happen in Telugu Cinema, and so the misunderstanding continued

Both heroes come back to the village. Misunderstandings between the lovers are cleared, the cousin of our heroine falls in lou with our original hero for his generous nature, and both the couples are happy for the time being.

Alas, the father sees them, puts two and two together and very kindly arranges a double wedding but mixes up the couples. No one can tell him that he got the couples wrong, because it would break his heart if he gets to know that his own daughter was involved in such a scandalous incident.

Time to try silly pranks [the boys try to get erm, an item number, and pretend to carry on some hanky-panky, to stop the wedding. Why this is useful, we do not know. Anyway, the wastrel dad of the hero foils their scheme, because he wants the marriage to happen. The bride’s family is rich, remember] There’s  also  a sequence about how dowry is a meaningful custom, because girls are entitled to their father’s property too.

Oh, in between there’s a pregnancy scare. Heroine vomits! And then, one more twist in the tale. Apparently that fateful night, nothing really happened. Our hero put her to bed, with the help of a girl friend of hers, and slept in the verandah. Daymn.

Anyway. nothing works, the wrong marriage look poised to happen, so the couples decide  to elope. But heroine wants to have a last look at her father, before she sullies his honour. Then, after lot of emotional drama, she cannot hold this awful truth back any longer, and just blurts it out to him.

A song, with everyone looking weepy, and serious, later, the marriages happen. The youngsters have resigned themselves to marrying the wrong person. But the good father, at the last minute gleefully interchanges the couple. Everyone is praising his large heartedness, except for the wastrel of a father of our hero. He wants as his daughter in law, a rich girl and not some random cousin of the said rich girl !

After  a very emotional speech by the good father about how we must respect the wishes of girl children, and how these young people were ready to get married to the love of the other person’s life to save their parents’ honour, the evil father has a change of heart and embraces the girls and begs their pardon. And all ends.

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