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A feel good movie about a fat person ? Please, I’m in line to watch it. Starring Sonia and Krishnudu [the stylish belle of Happy Days and the fat guy in the same movie], it’s a very pleasant way of whiling away two hours of your life. I have three demands whilst watching a feel-good, candy floss, call it what you want movie

  1. At the end, I want to feel good. So it should have a happy ending.
  2. I don’t want to sit through *facepalm* moments.
  3. I don’t  want to overdose on sugary moments and puke

This film met every single requirement. Krishnudu is obese (albeit due to a hereditary problem, he still likes eating) but doesn’t let that define his life. He’s a very simple, straight forward sort of fellow, just starting his new job in an ad-agency. Sonia is a pretty woman, with curly hair and rather strong beliefs. She’s short tempered, speaks her mind and has a piercing tongue and doesn’t care how sharp her words are. Her parents have found her an ideal match, who turns out to have lots in common with her. He’s smart, good looking, well-spoken, and even shares her taste in icecream.

The film beautifully brings out each person’s character. [There’s an unnecessary sequence with a “wanton” female, but it doesn’t take up much screen time, so we forgive you for the lapse. There’s also a parallel comedy-type track featuring his friend and hers, but it is rather nicely done, so nothing to complain about].

And there are some beautiful sequences like the discussion on pre marital sex. Krishnudu thinks it’s a sin, that there are no two thoughts about it. Sonia, is the progressive kind of woman, and is up in arms against this medieval attitude. And our hero asks her in his down-to earth fashion whether she will personally have sex before marriage, which shocks Sonia. For all her abstract discussions on the topic, this question seals her opinion of Krishnudu being a boor. And in fact, in the track with the “wanton” female, Krishnudu is the one who doesn’t seem to let his opinion prejudice him against giving her  a job.

And the best dialogue of it is when Sonia realizes that just having common tastes, and being pleasantly matched does not always a happy marriage, make. [Though I am not sure, what does]

This film, I guess, is all about the learning curve of Sonia, and it is beautifully done. Decent performances all around. And not syrupy sweet at all. The background music was terrible [but then again, maybe  I was watching a bad copy ]







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