Continuing in my “Just how many telugu films can I watch before 2012 ends” experiment, here’s a post on Vedam for you.

Amazingly shot, really well-made, socially relevant but not overly preachy, humourous despite a dark theme. The camera follows five different stories, interlinked beautifully and believably. We have Allu Arjun as Cable Raju, a slum dweller, and a cable TV operator, who dreams of jumping into the other world, the world of the rich. His ticket – his girlfriend who thinks he’s another rich kid in her gang. We have Anushka, a much in demand prostitute, on the verge of an escape from her lady-boss. She has big dreams of setting up her own business in Hyderabad, work her own hours and not paying a share of her earning to every Tom, Dick and Harry. We have Manoj Bajpai, a Muslim, who’s scared and sick of this country, ready to leave on the next plane to Dubai with his wife. Ready to move away from a set of people he fears, having lost his unborn twins because of them. And we have Sharanya as a village widow, with her son and father-in-law in the clutches of a vicious money lender. The only thing she has in excess is a kidney. And finally, a young rock band headed towards Hyderabad headed by a brash youth, the son of  a military commander and the grandson of  a military chief. Patriotism, social consciousness mean zilch to him, he’s still resentful of having lost his father for a country.

Allu Arjun is a revelation. He fits the bill perfectly, and his comedy timing is unbelievable. A classy performance. In fact, this can be said of everyone. Maybe the rock-band is the weakest story of the lot (but there are some brilliant sequences, like the moral police mob ganging up on the young couple). But the gut wrenching character of the lot is the father-in-law of Sharanya.

A classy film (I really didn’t expect it!). Moments of laughter and tears, just like life. A film worth watching ! Krish, director gaaru , we salute you.


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