100% love

Flawed, but stylishly. The first five minutes left me wondering if I should switch to another movie, but after I realized we are not supposed to take Naga Chaitanya’s character seriously in this movie,  it got better very quickly. Films with narrative sequences  in Tamil/Telugu Cinema don’t go down well with me, but this one I loved ! Amazing. The hero and the heroine are deliciously flawed, and the film laughs at both of them (especially the hero) most of the time. I was rather impressed with both Tamanah and Naga’s performances ! And for once, it is a near depiction of an average female character. And the kids, oh my. They are the true comedians [I’m generally used to seeing sickly syrupy kids who ask precocious questions and emotionally manipulate everyone around] Stylish humour ! And kudos to the casting director who found the “three years later” replacements of them. The songs again, made me laugh.

The characters are well etched. The hero is the “I want to be the greatest of all” kid in the class, and he remains so till the end. The heroine sees him for who he is, and falls in love with him for who he is. She’s a “I’m happy to do whatever you want provided I get to eat chicken 6 days a week” girl, but with a streak of pride. So if challenged too much, she rises like the phoenix.

There’s a grandmother who’s left her husband, has raised her kids all alone and is proud of it! That itself deserves a round of applause. But there’s also the unnecessary grandfather who later unites with his wife, and tells the young couple not to fight. Gah.

And there is the “other man” and less importantly, the “other woman”.  Again, we commend the director for almost telling us that the other man is better, more dignified (in fact, rather a gentleman) and not an idiot. Just that the heroine is not in love with him.

An unnecessary comedy track about an uncle from America with a car, and the “Shahrukh-Kajol” business could have been avoided, but we can’t ask for everything.  A slightly disturbing sequence was the “getting rid of the suitor by telling him that the girl is a drug addict and a drunk”. Seriously, is there no other way to reject a suitor!?




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