Annotating PDFs with Evince

Here. Excellent! Note to self : Document Viewer = Evince.
In case, the above link breaks over time, this is what the page says

  • Open your desired PDF in Evince.
  • In the upper left, you should see the word “Thumbnails” and a down arrow.
  • Press the down arrow and choose “Annoations”. This will show you the list of annotations in the current PDF.
  • You should see an “add” tab. Click on the add tab. There should be a small pencil icon.
  • Click on the pencil icon. Your cursor should turn into a plus sign.
  • Click where you want to put your annotation. A yellow icon should appear and a small yellow window with your name in the title bar should appear.
  • Type your annotation. I had a small bit of trouble getting it to recognize my typing but resizing the yellow window did the trick.
  • When you are done, you will need to save the PDF as a different file. I am not sure why this is but if I saved it on top of the old file, it didn’t take the annotations.
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