A flower from a garland

A story from Aithihyamala :

Leelashuka, a great Brahmin saint in Kerala was getting ready to perform his usual poojas for the day in the morning, when a boy knocked on his door and requested the great man to serve him some food. The venerable sage told him to wait till he finished his rituals, and started worshiping Lord Ganesha first, as was the custom. The child meanwhile, started playing around in the grounds outside, and started digging a hole with a stick. Soon enough, water started flowing out of the hole. The bell-gong stopped sounding and the child eagerly knocked on the door to get his food. Leelashuka smiled at the boy and told him to be patient, for only Ganesha had been appeased. There were still Lord Muruga, Dakshinamoorthy, Parvathi, Vishnu et al to come. As the saint piously worshiped each god, the child dug hole after hole, and soon the ground was full of tiny pits with water flowing out of each in a trickle. He came out, and was astonished by the sight that greeted him. After learning of the child’s handiwork, he admonished the boy for his stupidity. “If only you had dug one hole big enough, we would have a well by now”. “Well sir”, replied the child. “If only you had worshipped one god, we would have finished breakfast by now”

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